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Early check-in

Free Wi-Fi

Spa Center

Eat & Drink

Smart Rooms

Free Parking


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Outstanding service! Staff went above and beyond! The room was fantastic, clean, well appointed. Excellent location! Quiet, while still in the middle of things. Great hotel for a romantic getaway. While it is a small hotel, with only 8 or 9 rooms, they are large rooms with big bathrooms. The staff directed us to great restaurants off the main streets for a much less “touristy” experience.

They provided a smart phone which allowed us not to use our phones and have a local number. It is definitely a hotel for couples traveling, and those wanting an excellent small boutique hotel on a small street in the Marais.

Lee from Hong Kong — TripAdvisor

What an absolutely stunning property! Appreciated the attention to detail; has a very tranquil atmosphere; something very special yet I would say great for business as for leisure guests…Would definitely recommend it!!!

Abdul from Qatar — Yelp

Very nice welcome, flight delayed and running late for lunch so staff offered to call restaurant.

Room tidy and clean, decent size. Spacious and clean bathroom. Spa was being renovated which was a shame but was informed about this well in advance and complimentary breakfast added.

Hillary from United States —